July 11, 2016


Moxie is beautiful and a hit! 

June 24, 2016


First preview of Moxie tonight at the Round House in Bethesda. Can't quite play Clair de Lune yet. 

April 28, 2016


This website is starting to look a little "tired" as my DEAD FRIEND Lucy used to say. I'll get on it right away...


We had a great 2 weeks developing Moxie: A Happenstance Vaudeville. Now preparing for remount of BrouHaHa at Baltimore Theater Project, May 5-22. Fun! 


November 18, 2015

A bunch of stuff happened. Lucy died on June 26. Happenstance Theater did BrouHaHa at DC fringe, then we did Cabaret Noir at Baltimore Theater Project. 

May 12, 2015

I'm home after a productive BrouHaHa rehearsal period. Not to speak for the ensemble, but it feels like none of us are in a comfort zone, so the process is "challenging".

I know the show will be fun though, and am beginning to understand "clown logic". As usual, Sabrina is pushing the boundaries! 


July 22, 2014


Hello there People of the Interweb. 


Well, I didn’t do what I wrote that I would do in my last post in December, but the recording plan is emerging. It can’t be faked. 


Last week, I played with my “old” pals in Ex Umbris (You guys, make the stupid website already! PS. I love you.) at the well-run, really fun Madison Early Music Festival. It was stimulating to be in that world again. I’m not ashamed to play the crumhorn. Met some wonderful new people and connected with colleagues from a former life. 


Happy Birthday, Mom!



December 30, 2013


Well, it's almost 2014. One of my goals this next year is to post some actual music on my "Music" page. Most of what I do is live performance, so I haven't concentrated on recording which is, as our friend Doug would say, "a different sport." 


Thanks for checking in. 



April 25, 2013 


As if I don't spend enough time at a keyboard, here I am updating my About Me page, because that's what you're supposed to do when you have a website devoted to yourself. Here are some of My latest probing questions and incredibly important discoveries.


• Why do I keep rearranging the furniture in my room?

• Is a V-I chord progression ever considered a I-IV? 

• Some people are way more fortunate than others. 

• Is perfect pitch at A=440? 

• Why isn't there an IKEA closer to us?

• Cats supposedly purr at 25Hz.



April 2012


Thanks for visiting this page. I’ve put off writing it. I don’t know why, I enjoy reading other people’s About Me pages. Maybe the pressure of not knowing how to write “About Me” was killing the joy involved in creating this website. Anyway:

I was born with a weird amount of curly dark hair in Southern California in 1963. My mother says as a toddler I used to put things in my socks. Not having proper pockets is a recurring nightmare of mine. As a youth, I enjoyed riding my skateboard, dressing up like a cowboy, reading, and watching Roy Rogers after school. At age 10 I began playing the trumpet. Thus began my musical life - a strange journey which has led me to this point where I call myself a “composer and multi-instrumentalist.” Here is the chronological order of my instrumental discoveries: guitar (5 chords), trumpet, piano (a partial summer stint), recorders, french horn, Eb alto sacbut, violas da gamba, medieval fiddles, violin, harp, percussion items, computer, accordion, pipe organ, piano again. I can’t play a concerto on any of these instruments, but I stopped wanting to do that a long time ago. I do wish I’d really studied piano but then I would be a different person. Hmm.

If I could write music, sort of like J.S. Bach combined with Joni Mitchell*, or Joni Mitchell combined with J.S. Bach, I would be happy. Happier. Not sure it's attainable (by me), but it's fun to think about. 


Visit again for more...About Me! This might sound too much like a blog, but maybe that's okay.


My favorite class in High School was Typing.

*Hissing of Summer Lawns, Hejira, Court & Spark